Bristol Branch

Mens Hire Bristol is the latest branch trading under the Mens Hire banner and is owned by Jayne.

The opening of Mens Hire Bristol in January 2014 was a homecoming for Jayne as the shop was previously owned by her mum for over 30 years (until her retirement at the end of 2013) under the name Frocks & Tails and this is where Jayne grew up and learnt about the Mens wear trade before leaving to set up the Mens Hire brand all those years ago.

Don’t let the name fool you, As well as quality Suit & Highland wear hire from Cameron Ross, the shop sell a wide range of Formal clothing & accessories to buy Made to Measure & Ready to Wear including waistcoats, shirts, cufflinks, top hats, Highland wear , Bow ties, cummubunds, hankies, neckwear, socks & shoes. We offer one of the largest range of Slim fitting & lightweight Tweed suit colours and Tweed accessories in the South West.

Need suit hire in a hurry? Our Instant Hire department is just the place for gents requiring Formal Evening wear and Black and Grey Morning Wear for Ascot or a last minute wedding invite.

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