Measuring Guide

If you already have a suit hanging in your wardrobe that is a comfortable fit, you can use this as a basis for your measurements. If not, our handy measuring guide should help.


The measurements required to order trousers are waist and inside leg.

The waist measurement for the trousers should be a firm measurement, taken from approximately 1” above the hip bone.

You can work out your inside leg measurement by starting with an outside leg measurement:

Measure the outside leg from 1” above the hip bone down to the top of the heel (where the heel

meets the sole of your shoe). As a general rule you should then subtract 11” from the outside leg

measurement (or 7 1/2” for a child) to give you the inside leg.

If you prefer to take an inside leg measurement, you should measure right from the top of the inner seam (where the two seams meet) down to the top of the heel (where the heel meets the sole of the shoe).


The measurements required for your jacket is chest size and fitting i.e. XS, S, R, L, XL

To measure your chest, place the measuring tape around the largest part of your chest and take a loose measurement.

An outline of estimated fittings is below:

Height Fitting
Below 5′ 6” Extra Short (XS)
5′ 6” to 5′ 9” Short (S)
5′ 9” to 6′ 0” Regular (R)
6′ 0” to 6′ 3” Long (L)
Above 6′ 3” Extra Long (XL)

Sizes can now be entered on the Sort My Wedding Outfit website under ‘Manage your order’.


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