Prince Edward Suit


A Classic Fit Prince Edward Jacket & Trousers available to Hire in

Black or Navy £59.50, Mid or slate Grey £68.50, Brown £63.50, Cream £84.50

Available in Sizes 20” Chest (walking toddler) to 60 Chest”

Extra Short to Extra Long Fitting Lengths.

Waistcoats from £19.50, Shirts from £16.50, Neckwear From £8.00, Shoes £18.00, Handkerchiefs From £5.00, Cufflinks from £3.50, Accidental Damage Waiver of £8.00

*5th Outfit FREE Offer

*Terms & Conditions apply

Tel: 0117 9737461

Or book an appointment now at your local branch (contact us button above)



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